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Spring Donation Fundraiser – January 30-February 13, 2020.  Click on the link for information and printable forms.

Spring Fundraiser Information
Donation Form


You may make online donations for the Upper Elementary Spring Donation Fundraiser by clicking the PaySchools link below.  Click on the UPPER ELEMENTARY link and then the SPRING FUNDRAISER link to make the donation for the UE Spring Donation Fundraiser.  Please let Ms. Cook know so that she can make sure that your child and your child’s class gets credit for the donation for prize purposes.

Payschools Online Payment Processing System

Click here to make activity payments

    PaySchoolsTM is an online payment processing system that provides schools with an easy and efficient method to collect fees and receive electronic payments for school lunches, field trips, registration, prom tickets, T-shirts and any other school-related fees. PaySchools makes it possible for all schools to offer parents the convenience of online purchasing without incurring large administration or setup costs.

    Parents access PaySchools through the link above.  Select the items you want to purchase and then pay for them using credit cards or electronic checks. Payments are automatically processed and the money is transferred to the school's local bank account(s).

*There is a $2 surcharge to each transaction. PaySchools receives 3% of the total transaction.

Click the link above to see if a book is in our library and to see if that book is available.